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This small community enjoys a perfect weekend and holiday get-away, with the right recipe for total rest and relaxation, surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere.

For the more active folk, Clover Hill Club offers unparalleled facilities for a total outdoor adventure, for young and old, as this is the home to many a watercraft, as well as an abundance of Vaaljapie tractors, used for the launching of various watercraft.

So, whether you enjoy boating, skiing, jet-skiing, long walks or just basic fun in the sun, Clover Hill Club is the place to be. Ideally located, Clover Hill is only 60 minutes drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, a mere stone throw away from major cities.

Our Aim

To keep our perfect weekend away at Bronkuirspruit dam SAFE, CLEAN, and ENJOYABLE by all.


Our Goal


—Having club rule and regulations on and off the water ensures a enjoyable environment for all share holders


—with assistance from SAPS waterwing, Marshalls and SAMSA.

Visit SAMSA site by clicking here


—Waterwise and all resorts enjoying Bronkhuirspruit dam keep a close eye on the quality and always looking at ways to improve. View Kungwini waterwise facebook page for more information.

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